To Protect People – Height Safety Engineers’ company values

HSE values poster on the wall at HSE Sydney.

Creating the formal manifestation of the standard HSE has always held itself to.

Height Safety Engineers has always had keeping people safe at the forefront of everything it does. Everyone deserves to go home from work at the end of the day. HSE’s role is to improve workplace safety through the implementation of safety systems and the application of safety training.

Towards the end of 2020 – certainly a year in which a focus on safety had been paramount, albeit in a slightly different context – the decision was taken to formalise these important beliefs into a concrete set of company values. Alister Noble, HSE’s General Manager, undertook the responsibility to express the fundamental beliefs HSE hold as a formal vision, mission and values statement.

The process began in August 2020. Alister conducted a series of interviews with various team members across the four main departments. The aim of the interviews was to help paint a picture of what team members valued about HSE and what words they used to express what the company stood for.

“The answers to the questions I asked were enlightening and encouraging,” Alister said at the conclusion of the interviews.

Sifting through the results, it became apparent that “people” was the most common word associated with HSE. There were other words and phrases that appeared regularly in the responses. All the response were aggregated and compiled by the senior management team which synthesised them into the formal vision, mission and values statements.

After many lengthy discussions, drafts, revisions, edits and rethinks, the management team had what they were looking for: a perfect encapsulation of what HSE believes and stands for.

“The vision is why we do it, the mission is how we do it and the values are what we stand for,” Alister said.

To make the statements a permanent touchpoint for the HSE team, posters have been designed and are being rolled out across the three offices in Sydney, Dubbo and Melbourne.

Our Vision

To protect people.

Our Mission

At Height Safety Engineers, we are committed to protecting people by ensuring compliance and mitigation of risk through the provision of industry best practice solutions.

We put people at the centre of everything we do.

Our independence brings unbiased advice, transparent communication and fact-based solutions.

We bring security and peace of mind without compromise on quality or service, by harnessing the power of our knowledge, experience and expertise.

Through the synergy of our four key services – installation, recertification, training and PPE – we deliver holistic solutions to your safety and compliance journey.

Our Values

  • People
  • Honesty
  • Expertise

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