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The HSE team is always looking for new members to join us on our mission to protect people. We are always ready to welcome more people into #teamhse.

Height Safety Engineers is a leading provider of safety services and training for those working at heights and in other high-risk environments. We specialise in the design and installation of fall protection systems across a range of industries including construction, commercial, manufacturing, energy and more.

Alongside new system installations, HSE also offers NATA-accredited system recertification and maintenance inspections. These inspections are critical to ensuring that safety systems are kept in good working order and in compliance with Australian standards as well as work health and safety legislation.

Our training team offers a broad scope of courses covering working at heights, confined space, breathing apparatus, asbestos safety, rescue, emergency response and more. With training centres in Sydney and Dubbo, HSE can service clients across NSW and Victoria. We can also travel further afield, covering all of Australia.

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Current opportunities

We are not currently recruiting for any specific roles at the moment.

We are always looking for

Site technicians unloading engineered walkway components ahead of installation on a warehouse roof.
Installation technicians in the HSE Sydney office.

Working at HSE

At HSE, we pride ourselves on providing a relaxed, comfortable working environment for our team. Our headquarters in Sydney features a large social space for informal catchups. As a company, we host a range of lunch and social events across the year.

One of our core values when it comes to our team is giving everyone the opportunity to explore any aspect of the business that takes their fancy. HSE offers numerous pathways for people to grow their careers and expand their skillset. Most of the leadership team cut their teeth working on-site as an installation technician or recertification assistant.

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#teamhse are proud of what we are building here. You can get a real feel for what makes us tick by following our social media channels. We are always posting about what the team is up to, and events happening across our three offices.

Site technician inspecting an anchor point on a building's roof.
Installers loading materials onto a roof before commencing work.

Become an installation technician

HSE is constantly on the lookout for people wanting to become height safety technicians. Technicians fill two main roles at HSE: installing height safety systems and performing recertification inspections.

Becoming an installation technician is a hands-on instruction to the world of height safety. The work can involve the installation of roof anchor points, construction of walkways, platforms and ladder systems as well as stringing of static lines and more.

Recertification technicians visit client sites and assess their existing fall protection systems for compliance against The Australian standards, work health and safety legislation and manufacturers’ installation instructions.

There are no formal qualifications for people wanting to become a height safety technician, the skills required to undertake the installation work are not typical of most building or construction trades. They include working at heights, undertaking rope access into difficult areas as well as working in confined spaces and areas of restricted access.

However, a background in building, construction or other trades is usually helpful as they bring transferrable skills in handling of tools and the building of platforms and ladder systems.

Becoming a height safety technician with HSE can also provide stability through full-time employment with well-defined career advancement pathways towards work supervisor and project management roles.

Sales, support and administration roles

Behind our technical and training teams is the support staff of sales and administration. As HSE has increased our number of boots on the ground, the office-based support team is also growing.

HSE is always looking for new team members to assist in report writing, job scheduling, accounts, quoting, coordination and more.

As with our technical people, there are clearly defined career pathways across a variety of areas for those looking to advance into project management, estimation, training management and more.

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