EWP and plant equipment

Safely using EWPs and plant can require the use of PPE to protect workers against the risks of injury associated with working at heights.

While using an elevating work platform, or other plant, to access an area at heights can be safer than a ladder or rope access, that does not mean that precautions and safety equipment are not needed.

Many types of EWP – boom lifts, scissors lifts, for example – may require the operator and any other person on the platform to wear a harness and be attached to an anchorage point. These protect the workers against the risks of a fall from height once the platform is raised to the work area.

Workers attached to an anchorage point using safety harnesses while operating an EWP.
Participants moving an EWP through a training excercise at HSE Sydney.

Escape from EWPs

In the event that the EWP malfunctions and the platforms is unable to return to the ground, those onboard may be required to perform an emergency egress.

An important part of maintaining safe work practices while using EWPs and other similar plant is to ensure that escape and rescue equipment is present on-site at all times. Workers and supervisors should also be trained in its use, as quick and effective escape from a malfunctioning EWP is vital.

The specific components of an EWP escape kit may vary depending on the exact model of platform being used, and the work being undertaken, but typically will include some sort of anchorage strap, rope line, and descenders for the workers to use to safely repel down to the ground.

Finding the right PPE is key

Every job site is different, and every site worker does things differently. There is rarely a situation where there is a one-size-fits all solution when it comes to PPE and safety equipment. The team at HSE are dedicated to taking the time to understand each of our clients’ individual needs and sourcing the most appropriate, cost effect and comfortable PPE for them. At our training facility in Sydney, we can even let you come in and try before you buy to really make sure that your equipment is going to be right for you and right for the job, every time.

To discuss your safety equipment needs, call our team on 1300 884 978 or email enquiries@heightsafety.net.

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