Safety training

Height Safety Engineers offer a broad range of workplace safety training and high-risk work licencing courses for those working in the building, construction, mining, energy, plant maintenance and other industries.

We are the leaders in providing safety training that goes beyond ticking a box. Our courses are designed to give students as closed to real-world experience as possible, preparing them fully for any situation they are likely to come across on a work or job site.

Height safety training is perfect for those working at heights or needing to access roofs and other raised areas as part of their work. We provide courses covering all levels of experience from the introductory work safely at heights course through to supervisor and rescue courses.

Asbestos remains one of the most dangerous substances a worker is likely to come across on the job. Knowing how to identify areas of asbestos contamination and protect from exposure to asbestos fibre can assist in avoiding the long-term health consequences that come as a result of incorrect work practices. All tradespeople are strongly encouraged to undertake training in asbestos awareness, those looking to work in the ACT are required to hold this qualification before entering a building or construction site. We also offer asbestos removal for non-friable asbestos training.

For those working in and around confined spaces, Height Safety Engineers offer a range of training courses covering gaining access to and working in confined spaces as well as the use of breathing apparatus and supervisor training. Our popular one day confined space course teaches students all the basics of entering and working in confined spaces as well as how to gas test atmospheres to ensure the environment is safe.

We host our training courses at our state-of-the-art training facilities in Sydney and Dubbo. Here, our purpose-built working at heights and confined space setup allows us to accurately and safely replicate a number of dangerous working environments safely so students can practice their new skills and gain confidence.

Our high quality training can also be delivered at your work or job site through the use of our mobile simulation trailers. These trailers allow our trainers to deliver courses wherever you are, and tailor aspects of the training to any site-specific requirements you may have.

We specialise in offering private bookings for corporate clients, where you get a private session run just for your team. This allows us to offer contextualised training, tailored to the unique needs of your workplace or job site.

Call 1300 884 978 or email today to book your next training session, or discuss how Height Safety Engineers can help develop a comprehensive training plan for your organisation.