Social and environmental responsibility

Height Safety Engineers are committed to improving the world about us, protecting our team and giving back to the community wherever we can.

At Height Safety Engineers, we recognise that actions speak louder than words. And while we are dedicated to living out our vision of protecting people every day, we also seek to leave a lasting positive impact in all aspects of our being.

We protect our team, protect the planet and protect the community.

#teamhse posing for a group photo as part of our pink ribbon breast cancer fundraising lunch.
Scrap and waste metal in a large skip bin ready to be sent for recycling.

Protecting the environment

Height Safety Engineers has a range of policies and procedures in place to assist us in mitigating and reducing the negative impacts on the environment created by our work.

In our offices, we minimise the production of waste from both our administrations and fabrication areas. In the HSEatery, we collect cans, bottles and other materials for recycling so they do not end up in landfill.

Our business systems are continually undergoing improvement and refinement to remove the need for paper and printing in an increasing number of areas. Where we do require the use of paper, we source sustainable or recycled paper from our suppliers.

Increased use of video conferencing for meetings, and high resolution aerial photography for site viewing allows us to conduct more of our operations remotely. We are reducing the need for air and ground travel and assisting in minimising our carbon footprint as a result.

Our safety system designers and fabricators are conscious of the amount and type of materials used. We fabricate our platforms and landing pads in such a way as to minimise offcuts and wastage. What waste is generated is collected and recycled wherever possible.

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Protecting the community

Protecting the community extends well beyond the obvious work we do in making sure buildings, employers and workers are kept safe.

Height Safety Engineers has supported a range of community sport teams and organisations, including the Narellan Rangers junior soccer club and  Bradbury Cricket Club.

We also support our team in raising funds for a variety of charitable causes each year. These include the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Crohn’s and Colitis Australia and Movember amongst many others.

On a daily basis, our technician teams are assisting our clients in the identification of safety issues with their buildings beyond their usual scope – giving the site managers the information they need to ensure their buildings and workplaces are kept as safe as practicable.

#teamhse memeber adding a donation for Movember fundraising.
Phil Noble holding a thank you plaque from Narellan Rangers soccer club.
Pink ribbon tattoos drawn on the wrists of two #teamhse memebers.
HSE installation technicians posing during an internal training day.

Protecting our team

Height Safety Engineers would cease to function if it were not for our team, or #teamhse as they have come to call themselves. #teamhse are our most valuable and important asset.

Our team have access to our entire scope of training courses they can undertake, whether it is directly related to their role within the company or not. For our technicians, we implement a comprehensive training and skills renewal program in conjunction with the training team.

We have developed an organisational structure that promotes clear career development pathways for our team, from junior install assistants moving through to to senior estimators or project managers and beyond. We also promote to our team that they can explore areas of the business that align with their personal and professional development interests.

Understanding that our team have commitments and responsibilities that sometimes need to be attended to inside work hours is a core part of our culture. Managers and leadership strive to provide flexibility and compassion for our team when life intervenes in the work day.

Along with this, we are also constantly improving our work systems to better facilitate remote working – whether it be from home or on the road. While we believe that our team does its best work when they are physically collocated, our current world simply does not allow for this and Height Safety Engineers understands this.

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