Safety equipment and PPE

Height Safety Engineers specialise in making sure your team has the right PPE for the work they are doing.

Height Safety Engineers can supply individual buyers, teams and entire businesses with a wide range of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Our experts work closely with all leading suppliers and manufacturers of high quality PPE. Working with our clients, we put together bespoke kits to suit their specific needs. This ensures each worker receives best practice safety equipment for wherever they happen to be working and whatever work they are completing.

Equipment can be supplied across a broad range of needs including fall protection, confined space, breathing apparatus, rope access, rescue and more. No matter your PPE needs, the team at HSE has the ability to get it to you, anywhere in Australia.

Not sure what you need? Visit our showroom at HSE Sydney and you can select from a range of popular items we keep on hand so you can try before you buy. Our goal is to make sure every client is getting the best piece of PPE for how they work and where they are working.

Fall arrest harnesses on display at HSE Sydney.

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Worker holding a bright yellow fall protection harness.

Is your PPE compliant and safe?

Having PPE is not a “one and done” experience. In order to maintain high levels of workplace safety, and to make sure your safety equipment is itself safe, regular inspections of all your PPE should be completed by an expert.

These inspections check your equipment carefully to make sure it remains in compliance with the Australian standards and is free from damage, degradation, rust and more.

It is recommended that PPE undergo this inspection at least every six months. In industries where PPE is exposed to corrosive or abrasive environments, these inspections should be carried out more frequently.

The experts at HSE can conducted these inspections and provide a digital register of your inspected PPE to assist you in keeping your PPE compliant and in good working order.

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Our PPE suppliers include

The team at Height Safety Engineers maintain strong working relationships with all the major suppliers of PPE and safety equipment. Our goal is always to ensure our clients get the equipment that is best suited to their needs. We do keep a small amount of high-selling items in stock, however we strongly advise that you speak to our team about your needs so you get the best equipment for the job, not just what might seem most popular.

Our PPE suppliers include:

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