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Making sure your workplace is safe takes on many forms. HSE offers a range of services designed to assist you no matter your safety needs.

Our team are the experts in putting together comprehensive, compliant and best practice safety systems for those working at heights and in other high-risk areas. Over the years, our team have solved a range of complex safe access and fall protection problems with considered safety system designs.

On this page you can explore a range additional safety services we offer that may be of use to addressing your needs. These services include add-ons to our installation and compliance inspection services like roof plans and anchor point tagging. They also include retention funds validation and PPE inspections.

The team at HSE are always here to assist everyone from developers and architects, to builders and contractors to workers in finding the best practice ways to work safely at heights.

Roof top walkways and stairs for solar panel and plant access.

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Technician placing a tag on a roof anchor point.

Anchor point tagging

Having your roof anchor points individually tagged and numbered increases the clarity and accuracy of record keeping for your height safety system. It can also make it easier to identify where issues have arisen with a system.

Example of roof plan of a compliant height safety system resuting from a height safety audit.

Roof safety plans

Roof safety plans provide a visual record of your fall protection system. They can include marked up aerial photography, identifying the location of roof anchors, walkways, ladders and more as installed. We can also modify building plans to include details of your installed height safety system.

Technician inspecting a set of newly installed metal stairs.

Retention funds validation checks

No matter who installs your safety system, it is important that this work be validated to ensure the system adequately meets the needs of the building it has been installed on. These checks can be completed prior to making final payment, and before annual compliance checks are required.

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Creating holistic safety systems to protect people

At Height Safety Engineers, we are all about creating holistic safety systems in order to provide people with the best protection possible. This goes as much for building owners and facility managers as it does each individual worker attending a site and completing a job at height.

Improving safety takes commitment from every part of the work chain – from owners to managers and workers – to collaborate, discuss and trust that everyone is working towards the same outcome.

The experts at HSE bring decades of real-work experience in developing and implemented holistic safety systems to every job that we do. We are proud to be your partners in protecting people.

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