Fall protection equipment

Height Safety Engineers can supply you or team with a range of fall protection equipment and PPE to suit all types of work.

It is an unfortunate reality that falls from height remain one of the biggest causes of workplace injury in Australia. At Height Safety Engineers we work tirelessly to ensure that these risks are mitigated and workers are protected no matter what sort of working at heights scenario they may be in.

Part of this is making sure that workers have the most useful safety equipment available to them when they arrive on site, so that their fall protection is complete and best suited for the safety systems being used.

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Workers on site using fall protection PPE.
HSE roofers' kit includes a harness, rope line, shock absorber, line adjuster, anchor strap and additional karabiners as well as a carry bag.

Fixed roof access

There are a couple of different fixed roof safety system that require the use of PPE and safety equipment – roof anchor point systems, static line systems and rigid rail systems. While many PPE items are common across the different types, static line and rigid rail systems do require some specialised components in order to keep workers best protected against the risks of a fall.

Typical safety equipment to use with fixed roof systems includes harnesses, rope lines, karabiners, lanyards and shock absorbers.

When using static line or rigid rail systems, often a shuttle or another specific device is needed to connect the user to the line or rail itself.

Temporary roof access

Temporary roof access equipment can be used when needing to access and work on an area where there is no permanent fall protection system installed. Most commonly, this would be a domestic house roof, with a worker needing to repair an item like a television aerial, install a satellite receiver, or fixed wireless internet component.

Common temporary access PPE includes items like removable anchor points, harnesses, rope lines and shock absorbers.

Skylotech shock absorber attached by karabiner to a fall arrest harness.
Worker connecting their harness to a vertical ladder line using a shuttle.

Other fall protection needs

These are many different types of work in which someone may find themselves in a position where they are at risk of a fall from height. Depending on the situation, there is different types of PPE and safety equipment that might be required.

Fixed ladders can sometimes have a vertical static line attached to them. In these cases, a worker may need a harness, shock absorber and shuttle to safely make their way up and down.

Workers operating on a platform, or near a ledge that do not require the ability to move great distances may be need a self-retracting lifeline or lanyard. These provide a worker with appropriate fall protection, but limit their ability to traverse distances.

Finding the right PPE is key

Every job site is different, and every site worker does things differently. There is rarely a situation where there is a one-size-fits all solution when it comes to PPE and safety equipment. The team at HSE are dedicated to taking the time to understand each of our clients’ individual needs and sourcing the most appropriate, cost effect and comfortable PPE for them. At our training facility in Sydney, we can even let you come in and try before you buy to really make sure that your equipment is going to be right for you and right for the job, every time.

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