Rescue equipment

Having the equipment and PPE to a rescue plan into action should the need arise enables effective response to workplace accidents and mishaps.

Being able to quickly and effectively respond to an emergency in the workplace can be the difference between life and death. Although everyone does their best to ensure workplaces are as safe as practicable, accidents can still occur. Alongside a comprehensive rescue plan, having the right equipment can make emergency response occur quickly.

When working in construction, plant maintenance or other high-risk work the risk of an accident is always present. Every worker should be aware of the risks, and be able to adequately ensure they are responded to and mitigated. Workplaces should also have comprehensive emergency response and rescue plans in place.

Silo workers recovering a team mate during a rescue training exercise.
Workers practising rescue from height using a foldable stretcher and rescue winch.

Tower rescue and rescue from heights

In the event of a fall from height, the time available to effectively recover the victim before significant suspension trauma injuries are suffered is brief.

In these situations, a rescue winch and ropes can be used to detach the fall worker from their own rope line and quickly move them either to the ground, or up to the rescue team for recovery.

Confined space rescue

Undertaking a rescue from a confined space can often present just as much danger to the rescue team as it does the worker who has had the accident. Having the equipment and plans in place to execute a safe confined space rescue is a critical component of working in these extremely hazardous environments.

Performing a rescue involving a confined space could involve gas detection equipment and breathing apparatus as well as tripods, winches, stretchers and other more common rescue devices.

Practising confined space rescue at HSE Dubbo.

Finding the right PPE is key

Every job site is different, and every site worker does things differently. There is rarely a situation where there is a one-size-fits all solution when it comes to PPE and safety equipment. The team at HSE are dedicated to taking the time to understand each of our clients’ individual needs and sourcing the most appropriate, cost effect and comfortable PPE for them. At our training facility in Sydney, we can even let you come in and try before you buy to really make sure that your equipment is going to be right for you and right for the job, every time.

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