Think safe, work safe, be safe

Think safe. Work safe. Be safe.

October is National Safe Work Month and Height Safety Engineers is reinforcing its commitment to protecting people.

The message of National Safe Work Month for 2021 is to “Think safe, work safe, be safe”. It has the goal of reminding people to plan and implement thorough safe work systems so that people are protected.

National Safe Work Month is an initiative of Safe Work Australia, the statutory body that develops national policy related to workplace health and safety as well as workers’ compensation.

Think safe

This first step asks every one to start thinking about workplace safety. Planning and thinking required to consider the risks associated with work.

When it comes to height safety, persons conducting business or undertakings (PCBUs) should consider things like the level of compliance of their safety system. Does the system fully cover the areas where work is being done? Does the PCBU even know what sort of system they have?

Work safe

Work safe is about implementing work health and safety measures. Taking the practical steps to protect workers while working.

Knowing those practical steps to take is something that is taught through nationally accredited training courses. In order to fully take the steps needed to keep workplaces safe, workers may need to ensure they have the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) with them, that it is compliant and they know how to correctly use it.

Be safe

The final step – be safe – considers the ongoing process of monitoring and managing workplace health and safety risks. It is an acknowledgement that keeping workplaces safe is not a one-off action.

Ongoing managing of safety risks would include actions like keeping fall protection systems compliant through regular recertification. For workers, keeping units of competency current through the completion of regular refresher courses.

Height Safety Engineers supports National Safe Work Month

Height Safety Engineers are your partners in protecting people. Our experienced team delivers best practice safety systems and training, made perfect.

Discuss your safety needs with us today and help keep your team protected not just through National Safe Work Month, but making it part of standard operating procedure.

You can contact the team at HSE on 1300 884 978 or email and start your safety journey.

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