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First aid and CPR training at HSE Sydney

Height Safety Engineers can provide private training courses for your team, giving you exclusive access to our experts and facilities.

Making sure your team has the skills and knowledge needed to go about their work safely is a key responsibility of every workplace manager and employer.

As your partners in protecting people, Height Safety Engineers can provide private group training for your team, that offers a range of benefits compared to a publicly available training course.

Our facility or your workplace

Private group training courses can be undertaken at our state-of-the-art training centres located at HSE Sydney and HSE Dubbo.

Our training centres have been purpose-built to support high quality industry training and to provide real life simulation of common height safety and confined space work scenarios. At our training centres participants can practice the use of roof anchor points, static lines, accessing communications towers, entering and egressing from confined spaces and much more.

Alternately, the majority of our training courses can be completed at your work or job site. Having training completed in the same place that work will be completed gives participants the ability to place their training directly into the same environment it will be used as part of their work.

Height Safety Engineers can also conduct training using our mobile simulation trailers. These trailers have been custom built to provide access to common working at heights and confined space safety systems.

Direct access to our expert trainers

Having your team complete private training with HSE means they get direct access to one of our experienced trainers. Training courses held exclusively for you, mean that trainers are focussed on the specific safety needs of your team, and are able to (in many cases) modify aspects of course material to highlight those needs directly.

This means that your team is not only receiving high quality safety training, but that it relates directly to their work and specific risk mitigation needs. Unlike a public course, where participants can come from a range of industries and have a range of needs for completing training.

Training that’s relevant to your needs

In most public training courses, training material is kept very generic and only covers the most common types of scenarios and equipment. In a private training course, practical exercises can have the specific needs of the group made the focus.

For example, in our work safely at heights course, the practical exercises place an emphasis on the correct use of temporary anchors and access to roofs where there is no installed safety system as this is the most common workplace situation our client faces.

Combined with holding the training course at your workplace or job site, private training from HSE can ensure that your team have exactly the skills and understanding they need to stay safe at work.

Competency management and training plans made easy

Partnering with HSE as your training provider brings the added benefit of making management of your teams’ completed competencies much easier. Our system keeps detailed records of your teams’ training history with HSE.

This allows you to easily obtain copies of certificates as needed. We can also implement training plans to keep your team up to date with refresher and skills renewal training in line with industry recommendations and your own internal policies.

Height Safety Engineers are your partners in protecting people. Discuss your training needs with our team today by calling 1300 884 978 or email

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