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Rescue and Emergency Equipment

Being able to quickly and effectively respond to an emergency could be the difference between life and death in a workplace accident. Height Safety Engineers can supply your team with the rescue equipment they need to safely respond to a range of workplace accident situations.

When working in construction, plant maintenance or other occupations in high-risk environments, the risk of an accident is always present. Every person working in these situations should always be aware of, and have the skills to implement, an emergency response plan in the event of an worksite accident.

To assist in this, Height Safety Engineers can provide a broad range of emergency response equipment to support emergency plans for a variety of different incident scenarios including falls from height, tower rescue, confined space rescue, industrial accident and more.

Practicing a rescue using a Skylotec Milan

Popular rescue emergency response equipment

Skylotec Milan rescue hub.

Skylotec Milan

The Milan from Skylotec is a highly versatile and easy to use device that works for recovering a worker following a fall from height. It is available in different configurations so it can be wound manually or using drill to effortlessly effect a rescue.

SpanSet Gotcha rescue kit.

SpanSet Gotcha Kit

SpanSet’s Gotcha rescue kit is designed to help facilitate the recovery of a person who has a fall from heights and is suspended from their harness. It includes all items needed to perform the rescue at distances up to 68m. Also includes pole for remote attachment.

Ferno SKED portable rescue stretcher

Ferno SKED Rescue Stretcher

The Ferno SKED Rescue Stretcher is a portable, sturdy plastic stretcher that becomes rigid as it is folded around the patient. The kit comes with additional handles, straps and a carry bag to a make it easy to ensure workers have all the items they need in one place.

About rescue equipment

Although everyone works together to try and avoid workplace accidents and keep everyone on site as safe as possible, at times it is just not possible. Accidents can, and do, still happen. When they do, it is vital that everyone have the skills and equipment so they can quickly implement an emergency response and rescue plan.

Depending on the rescue needing to be undertaken, there are different types of rescue equipment out there that maybe be required.

Should a worker suffer a fall from height, a recovery needs to be undertaken quickly as spending too long suspended in a harness can result in suspension trauma for the victim. Using PPE like the Skylotec Milan or SpanSet Gotcha kit, workers can quickly and safely attach a rescue line to their colleague and either raise or lower them to safety.

Portable stretchers can be used in the event the victim is unable to move under their own power. It is important that the stretcher being used is suitable to the environment it is being used in. In confined space rescue, it is important that it be able to fit through the access point and have the ability to be rigged up to pulleys or a winch if those are required to lift or lower the patient out of the confined space.

Alongside advanced emergency response gear, every worksite should have a well-stocked first aid kit to deal with minor injuries, as well as appropriate fire extinguishers to fight the type of fire that may ignite.

Reassuring a (pretend) patient during rescue practice.
Recovering a worker from height following a workplace accident.

Shop emergency response gear with HSE

Unlike many online stores, HSE has a stocked showroom in Sydney, staffed by an experienced team of workplace safety and emergency response experts.

At our showroom, we can demonstrate a range of our most popular rescue and emergency response equipment to help you ensure you get the best gear for your worksite and needs.

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