HSE now accepts BizPay


Height Safety Engineers now accepts payment of invoices through the BizPay platform, giving clients more flexibility to help protect people.

Height Safety Engineers is pleased to announce that we now accept payment of invoices through the BizPay platform. BizPay is a system that, for a nominal fee, allows our clients to split the cost of their invoice up into four equal instalments paid over four months.

How it works

The first step is that you sign up with BizPay. This only takes a few minutes and with some simple details about your business you can quickly be approved for up to $35,000.

Once that is done, you simply upload your invoice from HSE to BizPay. BizPay will then pay HSE the full amount of your invoice.

From there, you pay BizPay the four instalments of the invoice plus a 4 per cent service fee. This works out to be cheaper than many overdraft and short-term business loans.

For example, for a $10,000 invoice, you would pay four instalments of $2600 ($2500 of the invoice value, plus $100 BizPay fee).

The benefits

BizPay’s main benefit is that it allows businesses to better manage their cashflow by spreading out the costs of a significant purchase over four months. For HSE’s clients, this means that ensuring their important safety work is carried out as efficiently as possible can be made easier.

We believe that having fully compliant safety systems in place, with teams trained to use them, is the best way to keep people safe at work.

For HSE, the benefit is that we will receive the full payment of your invoice up front from BizPay. We do not receive any commissions or fees for recommending their service. We understand that many businesses operate in many different ways, and we see this making another option available for our clients to take advantage of.

Some small print

BizPay is a credit service provided by BizPay Group Limited and usage is subject to their terms and conditions. Height Safety Engineers receives no commissions or collects no fees for clients opting to use BizPay. To learn more about this service please visit www.bizpay.com.

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