Downer Group Height Safety Symposium 2022

Presenter addressing the 2022 Downer Height Safety Symposium

On Wednesday, 17 August, Height Safety Engineers played host to nearly 200 representatives of Downer Group and their sub-contractors for the first ever height safety symposium event.

The height safety symposium was a day of discussion and demonstration around improving the work at heights practices and overall safety of those working at heights on a wide range of projects currently on the books for the Downer and Spotless groups.

Held at HSE Sydney, the symposium was billed as a first step in working towards improving work practices for those undertaking work at heights or in areas where there is the risk of a fall.

The event was attended by nearly 200 representatives from Downer, Spotless and their service delivery partners, who all frequently find themselves working at heights, or in areas where there is a risk of a fall, as part of their daily jobs.

There were three main presentations made on the morning, along with two practical demonstrations related to safe working at heights.

From Downer, Michael Keenan presented on developing and building a safety culture within organisations.

Representing SafeWork NSW, the state’s safety regulator, Ros Schuman presented on the issues that SafeWork see as important to promote to help improve worksite safety, as well as the resources available through them to achieve safer work practices.

There are further available on the SafeWork NSW website to help those working in construction other industries improve their general workplace and height safety, as well better inform about the role WorkSafe NSW inspectors play.

  • The pocket guide to construction safety
  • SafeWork NSW Inspectors – helping you keep your workplace safe
  • Construction falls from heights blitz checklist

Phil Noble, chief executive officer of HSE, presented on how workplace health and safety duties are conducted within a contractual chain. Something that is very relevant to sub-contractors and those brought on to work on large jobs with multiple partners and stakeholders.

Height Safety Engineers are proud to have hosted this informative morning. Our team are always looking for new ways to protect people at work, and a day like the height safety symposium allows us to make a wide range of sub-contractors aware of how important height safety and fall protection is for their business.

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