Why train with Height Safety Engineers

As your partners in protecting people, HSE provide industry leading safety training.

Height Safety Engineers is a registered training organisation (RTO91227). We deliver workplace safety training and education services of the highest calibre at our training centres in Sydney and Dubbo as well as Australia-wide. For 20 years, HSE has worked tirelessly to ensure that every course we teach exceeds industry best practice.

As a RTO, most of our training courses are nationally accredited. This means that your training will be recognised on any work site in Australia. Our training programs are regulated by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

Our participants can be confident that their certifications will be accepted and recognised in their industry, making them immediately job ready.

Work safely at heights training participants climbing a mock communications tower at HSE Sydney.
Participants in CPR training usising an automated external defibrillator (AEB)

What sets HSE apart from other training companies?

To put it very simply – HSE goes beyond the basics.

There are many training companies avialable to students offering similar (or the same) certifications as HSE. However, these companies cannot offer the same experience that is provided in our state of the art training centres, or have a team with the same extensive real-world background. All our courses provide participants the opportunity to apply their new skills in a high-quality simulation before they go out on site.

It is one thing for a participant to complete a quick online course on how to wear a safety harness, or what to look for when attempting to identify asbestos containing material. But it is completely different when it comes to recalling that information at work when the participant has not completed any hands-on practice.

When you train at HSE, your team gets exclusive use of our facility and access to our experienced training team. This provides a uniquely deep experience for our participants that is not available with other training providers. Participants can receive customised instruction in vital safety safety skills and the ability to practice those skills in a safe environment before they step foot on a work site.

The HSE trainers bring decades of real world experience to every class. This knowledge is passed on to every training participant that comes through our doors.

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About our training centres

Many of our training classes are held at our state-of-the-art training facilities in Sydney and Dubbo. These purpose-built, hands-on facilities contain realistic simulations of height safety, asbestos and confined space working scenarios.

These facilities allow participants to experience:

  • What it is like to work on both sloped and flat roofs at heights of up to 6 metres.
  • How to scale a communications tower which is an exact analogue of the real thing.
  • How to enter and maneuver around a realistic confined space environment.
  • How to perform safe drilling and cutting techniques for asbestos containing materials.
  • And many other practical scenarios using ladders, raised platforms, ropes and harnesses.

Additionally, training can be held at your work or job site anywhere in Australia with our mobile simulation trailers.

The mobile simulation trailers allow our experienced trainers to not only hold our high quality training courses in a location convenient for both employers and students, but to easily tailor training scenarios and exercises to the specific needs of your work or job site. This contextual training can be applied to courses in height safety, confined space entry, breathing apparatus, industrial and technical rescue as well as many others.

EWP training participant watches on as a pratical exercise is performed by others.

Creating holistic safety systems to protect people

At Height Safety Engineers, we are all about creating holistic safety systems in order to provide people with the best protection possible. This goes as much for building owners and facility managers as it does each individual worker attending a site and completing a job at height.

Improving safety takes commitment from every part of the work chain – from owners to managers and workers – to collaborate, discuss and trust that everyone is working towards the same outcome.

The experts at HSE bring decades of real-work experience in developing and implemented holistic safety systems to every job that we do. We are proud to be your partners in protecting people.

Call 1300 884 978 or email enquiries@heightsafety.net to start your safety journey with us today.