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Temporary Access and Fall Protection

There are a variety of temporary access, fall protection or temporary roof anchor products available. These allow a person to safely work at heights when a permanent or fixed height safety system is not present.

Temporary roof anchors and fall protection solutions are often used during the construction of a building, when a permanent system is yet to be installed or if access is only needed rarely.

Like permanent fall protection systems, there are temporary safety systems that can be used in either fall arrest (catching the worker before the hit the ground) or fall restraint (preventing a worker from falling).

Training student practicing installing a temporary static line.

Popular temporary access and roof anchors

SafetyLink TempLink 3000 temporary fall protection system.

SafetyLink TempLink 3000

The TempLink 3000 allows access to an area where an anchor point would often be used, but the area does not require repeated access. It can be attached to the existing screwline in sheet roofing or timber rafters.

Skylotec Lifeline Horizontal temporary access overhead static line.

Skylotec Lifeline Horizontal

This portable lifeline can be easily attached to suitable beams, scaffolding or concrete pillars to quickly create a two-person fall protection system. The Skylotec Lifeline Horizontal allows two people to work over a distance of 20m.

Ballantyne Claw 500 temporary roof anchor.

Ballantyne Claw 500

This temporary anchor can be easily installed on metal roofs and provides fall protection for a single user. The Ballantyne Claw 500 tether plate can be used on its own or in conjunction with other temporary roof anchorages.

About temporary fall protection

Temporary roof anchors and fall protection come in different forms to suit different height safety needs. Different types of anchorage can provide workers protection through fall arrest, while others provide it through fall restraint.

Temporary static lines are typically a length of webbing or rope that can be slung between two anchorages – like poles or beams – and then tensioned. With a personal fall arrest system attached (harness, lanyard and shock absorber in most cases) a person can now undertake their work knowing they are protected against the risks of a fall.

In situations where a person is working on a metal roof where there is no fixed fall protection system, a T-Bar may be used. T-Bars clip onto the roof sheeting on the opposite side of the roof to where a person is working. These provide fall protection while a worker transitions from a ladder to the roof. They are often used in conjunction with other temporary fall protection systems to allow safe work positioning.

In situations where exposed structural beams are available, beam clamps can be used to provide temporary fall protection. These clamps are attached to the beam (ensure it is a structural, not decorative beam) and then a personal fall arrest system is connected to provide fall protection. Some beam clamps come with rollers, allowing them to move along the length of the beam a bigger work area for the user.

Installing a temporary anchorage for safe work access.
Temporary static line to create safe working at heights system.

Get temporary anchors from HSE

Unlike online-only stores, Height Safety Engineers has a stocked showroom in Sydney, staffed by our team of workplace safety experts.

When it comes to finding a temporary roof anchor to protect yourself or your team, we can show you all the available options and even demonstrate how they might apply to your worksite. Our team can help you with safety solutions that are best practice for your work, easy to use and compatible with all your existing gear.

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