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Roofer’s Kit from Height Safety Engineers

Complete roof safety solution for just $350*

The Height Safety Engineers Roofer’s Kit contains everything a worker needs to start working safely at heights in many common situations.

The kit includes all the items required to arrest a fall, should one occur, helping to minimise the risk of serious injury, or worse.

Components of our Roofer’s Kit have been carefully selected by our height safety experts to ensure that each piece is high quality, best practice, comfortable and easy to use.

* Price excludes goods and services tax (GST).

What’s in the Roofer’s Kit from Height Safety Engineers?

Anchor Strap

4x Carabiners

Carry Bag

Fall Arrest Harness

15-metre Kernmantle Rope

with Skylotec “ergogrip” attachment

0.3m Shock Pack

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