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Fall protection harnesses

A harness is one of the common PPE items used when working at heights or in confined spaces. Height Safety Engineers can supply you with the best harness for your needs.

Harnesses come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and often go by different names. You may know them as a roofers’ harness, safety harness, roof safety harness or maybe even something else.

All harnesses used in Australia for fall protection must comply with AS1891.1 – Manufacturing requirements for full body combination and lower body harnesses. If your harness does not meet this standard, then it is likely it will not act correctly in the event of a fall. It could even cause you additional harm.

Fall arrest harnesses on display at the HSE PPE showroom in Sydney.

Popular fall protection harnesses

SafetyLink XtraLight full body fall protection harness

SafetyLink XtraLight full body harness

This harness is suited to general commercial, industrial and mining uses. This is the harness HSE currently includes in our roofers’ kit. It is easy to fit, is comfortable and is lightweight. It provides compliant and easy to use protection for working at heights.

SpanSet 1150 EWP Spectre fall protection harness

SpanSet 1150 (EWP) Spectre Harness

SpanSet’s Spectre harness, with its integrated 1.8m lanyard with attachment point, is perfect for use with an elevating work platform. The Spectre harness also features front fall arrest loops and fully adjustable straps and high visibility webbing.

Ferno Tradesman safety harness

Ferno Tradesman Full Body Harness

This multi-purpose fall arrest harness from Ferno is both comfortable and form fitting. The stainless steel buckles are resistant to corrosion. As well as typical front and rear attachment points, it includes side points for use with pole straps.

About safety harnesses

Fall protection harness are often designed to best suit specific working at heights or fall protection situations. While just about every harness available will have front and rear attachments points, to connect to a basic fall arrest system, others may have additional attachment points and features.

Harnesses with side hip-attachment points are often used when working on poles or trees, as these allow the user to attach a pole strap to their harness. They can then go about their work with both hands free.

When being lowered through an access hatch into a confined space, the harness may have shoulder attachments points. These are to allow the use of a spreader bar to make lowering through the access way easier.

Student using a fall arrest harness while undertaking training at HSE.

Get your harness at Height Safety Engineers

Unlike online-only stores, Height Safety Engineers has a stocked showroom in Sydney, staffed by our team of workplace safety experts.

At our showroom you can select from a range of our most popular harnesses and try before you buy. Make sure the safety harness you get is the one best suited to your needs, is easy to use and will work with all your existing gear.

To speak to our team about the best fall protection harness for your needs, call us on 1300 884 978 or email