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Asbestos safety kit

Minimise your risk of exposure to asbestos fibres with this full protective kit.

Asbestos remains a problem for builders, renovators and those working in associated trades, although its use was banned over a quarter of a century ago. If you are working in an area contaminated with asbestos, you need to protect yourself from the risk of exposure to asbestos fibres.

Each contains everything a worker needs to make working with these substances as safe as possible, when used in conjunction with adequate training. The asbestos safety kit also provides the tools needed to safely drill or cut into asbestos sheeting if required.

Asbestos safety kit contents

Full body protection

Includes coveralls, boot covers, P2 dust masks, eye protection and tape.

Fibre capture tools

Four-piece complete drill kit and vacuum attachment.

Waste disposal bags

Four large, plastic asbestos waste disposal bags.

Tote bag

Handy tote-style carry bag to keep everything in.

Get the skills you need to work safely with asbestos

Working with asbestos is dangerous. Not knowing that you could be working with asbestos is even more so.

Ensure you, or your team, are know how to identify potential asbestos contamination with training from HSE.

If you need to work with asbestos or asbestos containing materials, you should also get trained in how to use the equipment provided in our safety kit to do so safely. HSE can also provide training for those looking to engage in asbestos removal.