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Asbestos Starter’s Kit from Height Safety Engineers

Protect yourself from harmful asbestos fibres with this complete safety kit

The Height Safety Engineers Asbestos Starter’s Kit contains full body protection and dust capture devices for those who may find themselves having to work with asbestos containing material.

Contained with a handy carry bag, are all the items required to significantly reduce the risk of exposure to asbestos fibres including a range of attachments for drills and vacuums to capture dust should you need to drill into a sheet of asbestos containing material.

Everything in our Asbestos Starter’s Kit has been carefully selected to ensure best practice protection and mirror’s the equipment used in our 10559NAT Course in Working Safely with Asbestos Containing Materials.

Only $285 (excl. GST)

What You Get

Full body protection

Includes coveralls, boot covers, P2 dust masks, eye protection, gloves and tape.

Asbestos fibre capture tools

Four-piece complete drill kit and vacuum attachment.

Waste disposal bags

Four large, plastic asbestos waste disposal bags.

Asbestos fibre capture tools

Height Safety Engineers branded tote bag to carry everything in.

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