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Personal Protective Equipment

PPE Sales

Height Safety Engineers can supply individual buyers or businesses with a wide range of personal protective equipment (PPE).

We carefully evaluate and select our suppliers, so you can be sure any PPE you select is of the highest-quality. Our expert staff can assist and support you in putting together PPE kits that provide best practice safety for whatever situation you or your staff will be working in.

Height Safety Engineers can also ensure your PPE fits perfectly and is comfortable to wear while you work.

Our range of protective equipment includes fall arrest harnesses, lanyards, carabiners, ropes, anchors, pole straps, first aid kits, slings, breathing apparatus, technical rescue kits, confined space equipment, wet works equipment and much more.

We can help you build a bespoke package of PPE for your specific requirements, and we also offer a selection of pre-made kits where we select the best practice components for some common working scenarios.

“Ready to Go” PPE Kits

Biannual PPE Inspections

Height Safety Engineers can provide PPE users with their biannual (twice a year, every six months) inspections of soft goods.

Under Australian law, PPE items including harnesses, ropes, lanyards, shock absorbers, pole straps, rescue equipment and other items need to be inspected by every six (6) months.

Our trained experts can carry out these inspections and provide you with a digital register of PPE equipment to help maintain your compliance and best practice.

Call Height Safety Engineers today and make sure your PPE gear can be trusted to work when you need it most.