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Unlock new safety skills for your team during COVID lockdown

No longer able to work full time?

Constrained by restricted access to work sites?

Dealing with a limited staff roster?

Blended learning can upskill your team while working from home with courses in

Blended learning from HSE combines live interactive video tuturials with on-site pratical assessment completed at a later date.

We can deliver theoretical components of courses via interactive online video conferencing, with practical assessment components able to be completed at our COVIDSafe compliant training centre at later date.

Blended learning is perfect for those working at home or living in remote areas where travelling for training is not possible at the moment. It allows participants to begin their training courses, reducing the time needed for face-to-face instruction and assessment.

Undertaking training now can actually save you money, by not having to take workers off the job later.

Speak to the experts at Height Safety Engineers about how we can help your team improve their safety skills while staying safe at home.

Call 1300 884 978 or email to discuss your needs with our experts