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Verification of Competency Assessment

Do you need to show competency in an aspect of your work?

Australian law requires employers to ensure employees, contractors or other people working on a site or building be competent in the use of particular equipment or have skills needed to undertake certain tasks required as part of their work.

The Verification of Competency Assessment can provide a method through which listed skills and qualifications can be checked and verified. It is ideal for contractual arrangements and pre-employment checks.

It is no longer acceptable for an employer or other person conducting a business or undertaking to assume an employee or contractor is competent in any particular skill or operation of any plant or equipment.

Height Safety Engineers’ Verification of Competency assessments combine nationally recognised units of competency, Australian standards, international standards, manufacturer’s documentation, relevant legislative requirements and employer procedures to deliver accurate assessment of skills and knowledge.

We can provide Verification of Competency assessments on a variety of high risk work licences and non-high risk competencies.

These assessments may be undertaken by those starting a new position or beginning work on a new job site and are required by company policy to prove competency in an already held accreditation or qualification.

Best Practice. Made Perfect.

At Height Safety Engineers, we believe that safety is a continual process of improvement in skills, knowledge and equipment. We recommend that workers ensure they stay competent in their accreditation and qualifications by completing a Verification of Competency assessment every two (2) years. This ensures any changes to requirements, standards or legislation are easily added to a worker’s knowledge.

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Prices for Verification of Competency assessments start from $170 (excluding GST). Duration of an assessment can vary, however we find each competency usually runs between two (2) and four (4) hours depending on the type of skill or equipment being assessed.

We can conduct assessments at our training centres in Sydney, Melbourne and Dubbo, or on-site through the use of our mobile simulation trailers.

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