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Height Safety System Audits

Height safety systems, fall protection systems and safe access at heights come in many shapes and sizes. These systems can be as varied as the buildings they are installed on, ranging from external ladders designed for roof access, anchor point systems designed for full roof edge access to internal platforms, walkway gantries and step-type ladders inside large warehouses or factories. 

In many cases, height safety systems, fall protection systems and safe access at heights are often out of sight and out of mind – until an accident or incident occurs.

Understanding whether your height safety system or fall protection system is compliant with Australian standards, and what restrictions might be placed on its use, is critical to ensuring worker safety.

Having your site undergo a complete height safety audit from Height Safety Engineers is one step on the path to improving your safety and reducing the risks of a worker suffering a serious injury as the result of a fall.

Student using a fall arrest harness while undertaking training at HSE.

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Height safety systems explained

Why should you arrange for a height safety system audit?

The legislation regarding workplace safety liability can be complicated to understand and many PCBUs often overlook the level of responsibility they have for ensuring workplace safety. 

According to the Work, Health and Safety Act:

“A person conducting a business or undertaking at a workplace must manage…risks to health and safety associated with a fall by a person from one level to another that is reasonably likely to cause injury to the person or any other person.”

This means that if you are a PCBU, you have a duty of care to your employees. In other words, you are entirely responsible for providing your employees with a safe workplace at all times, as well as ensuring they have adequate working at heights training. This responsibility also extends to any tradespeople or contractors you hire to perform work on your roof or where there is a risk of a fall.

Therefore, it is important that you understand the ins and outs of your height safety system and safe working at heights of your site, to ensure you completely comply with relevant safety legislation. 

A complete site height safety audit from HSE gives building owners, facility managers and other PCBUs the information they need to know about the limitations or restrictions placed on a height safety system and safe work at heights practices of their site.

This makes works performed at any heights safer, reducing the risk of serious injury occurring as the result of a fall from height. 

So, for your ultimate peace of mind and to ensure you are following best practices, it is best to arrange for an expert to complete a full site height safety audit to identify potential risks and provide a detailed audit report outlining required rectifications for compliance purposes.

Recertification inspector filling out a compliance plate following inspection.

What’s involved in a height safety system audit?

If you decide to engage HSE to perform a complete site height safety and safe work at heights audit, one of our highly trained experts will attend to your site and perform the following:

  • Physical and visual inspection of the existing height safety system, checking for compliance with AS/NZS1981, AS1657 and AS/NZS5532.
  • Visual inspection for areas where there is no height safety or fall protection system in place to report on requirements.
  • Detailed itemised master report, with images, outlining height safety and fall protection issues along with areas of non-compliance, if any.
  • Calculation of current risk rating for any identified hazards.
  • Required and recommended rectifications work, if any.
  • Identification of residual risk ratings following rectification works, if any.
  • Roof plans with existing compliant or non-compliant systems shown.
  • Roof plans showing proposed rectification works, if required.
  • Obligation-free quotation for rectification works, if any.
  • Follow-up site meeting to discuss report findings and recommendations with client and site owners.
  • Follow-up inspection of any rectification work undertaken to ensure correct installation per report findings and compliance requirements.
  • Ongoing communication with client to serve all other height safety and fall protection queries as required.

Once we have completed your height safety and safe work at heights audit and carried out any necessary rectifications, if required, our expert team will always be available to you to answer any questions you have so that you can be rest assured you are not only meeting, but going above and beyond, your workplace liability requirements.

How often should you organise a height safety system audit?

The Work, Health and Safety Act does not actually specify how often PCBUs need to arrange height safety and safe work at heights audits, only that they are liable for preventing workplace injuries.

At HSE, we recommend that PCBUs arrange a complete height safety audit if they have moved into/purchased a new facility or if they are at all unsure about the integrity of their existing height safety system or safe working at heights processes.

Once a complete site height safety audit has been performed, HSE will follow up with the client for annual (12 monthly) recertification inspections of the height safety systems and safe work at heights to ensure ongoing compliance.

Need help understanding your responsibilities regarding height and safety? Or want to ensure you are meeting your workplace obligations?

Height Safety Engineers are experts in the design, installation, and certification of height safety systems. We can design, fabricate, and install systems for abseil (rope access), fall restraint, and fall prevention systems.

Our expert designers can provide you with a height safety system design specific for your working at heights or roof access requirements, using only the highest-quality components sourced from handpicked suppliers ensuring your height safety system meets the highest standards.

With industry-leading and best practice design principles guiding our work, Height Safety Engineers can develop a height safety or roof access system that arrives on time, on budget and is fully compliant with Australian standards.

Height Safety Engineers have over a century of combined experience in designing and installing best practice height safety and safe work at heights solutions, made perfect.


Simply fill out the form on this page to arrange a no obligation consultation about your potential height safety system needs or give us a call on 1300 884 978.

Height safety systems explained