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Height safety consulting and analysis

Independent height safety and fall protection advice from your partners in protecting people.

Having complete knowledge, understanding and management system for your building’s safety systems is your best mitigation against the risks of a fall from height or other workplace accident.

As your partners in protecting people, the experts at Height Safety Engineers can provide a range of advice and consultation services for facility managers, building owners, contractors, and maintenance technicians regarding all aspects of height safety or using safety systems and other high-risk work scenarios.

Identifying issues and risk areas before they become a problem or cause an accident ensures that your team is protected and your company is mitigating its liability.

In places where a safety system has been provided already, building improvements such as solar panels can create non-compliance if the installation interferes with or modifies that system.

No matter your needs, HSE can provide the advice and information you need to keep your team protected.

Knowing your responsibilities

Knowing your responsibilities when it comes to protecting people working at height can be complex. Especially in circumstances where a facility or building manager is engaging sub-contractors and maintenance technicians to come on-site.

The safety experts at HSE can guide you through the legislative requirements and standards that apply to your site and safety systems. We can also assist in ensuring your safe work method statements (SWMS) and other documentation cover off all the requirements of your system, ensuring that workers have the information they need to safely work at heights on your site.

Understand your assets

Simply having a height safety or fall protection system installed in your building does not guarantee safety for those people who need to use it. As a PCBU, having an understanding of how a system works, its limitations and correct usage is critical to ensuring that your building maintains a good level of safety.

Height Safety Engineers can provide guidance and in-depth advice on a variety of height safety, fall protection and roof access systems. We can assist in understanding the role of roof anchor points, operation of static lines, details on self-retracting lanyards as well as a range of other PPE items and engineered systems used in high-risk work locations.

For those facility managers and other PCBUs looking to gain not just an understanding of what types of safety systems there are, but also how they are used to work safely at heights, HSE recommends everyone completes height safety training. A one-day foundational height safety course can provide deep understanding of the risks associated with working at heights as well as how they can be mitigated. Courses are available at our training centres at HSE Sydney, HSE Dubbo and HSE Melbourne.

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Managing your system

For building owners, facility managers or principal contractors responsible for the safe operation of height safety, roof access and fall protection systems, Height Safety Engineers can provide advice on best practice systems, procedures and protocols for maintaining compliance with the requirements of the Australian standards and relevant workplace safety legislation.

Having systems in place to ensure your safety systems are best practice, and in total compliance is your best way to mitigate risk and ensure you are protecting your people on site.

Services include

  • Internal safe work method statement (SWMS) review
  • Contractor/third party SWMS review
  • Roof and system plan review
  • Attending services requirements
  • Solar panel interference advice
  • Detailed advice on anchor points and their use
  • Instruction on safe use of height safety systems
  • Advice on relevant standards and legislation
  • Post-site inspection report consultation
  • Analysis of third party site reports
  • Requirements for facility, building and strata managers
  • Detailed breakdown of “person conducting a business or undertaking” (PCBU) for your contractual chain or work structure.

Why work with HSE?

Height Safety Engineers are your partners in protecting people. Our team prides itself on ensuring everyone working at heights or in another high-risk undertaking is protected against the risks of injury.

We bring decades of real-world experience to every job we do, and our team lives and breathes our values of providing independent, honest and unbiased information to our clients, and the wider industry in general.

Find out more about what makes HSE leaders in fall protection and workplace safety here.

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