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Additional height safety services

Height Safety Engineers can provide a range of services to enhance your site’s fall protection and height safety.

Anchor point tagging

Have your anchor points individually identified and tagged. This increases clarity and accuracy of record keeping for your height safety system.

Roof safety plans

Get a visual record of your fall protection system with a marked up aerial photography plan showing your entire height safety system, as installed.

Retention funds validation service

If you have just had a height safety or fall protection system installed, ensure it has been done in compliance with Australian standards before making final payment.

Height safety audits

Have an in-depth site visit form the basis of a complete risk analysis for your building or site including potentially hazardous working at heights areas.

Safety system health check

This checks all components of your safety systems, including administrative controls. It also highlights areas where improvements are needed.

PPE inspections

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is required to be inspected every six months to ensure ongoing compliance and suitability for use.

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