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Extend Your Re-Certification Package

Height Safety Engineers offer a range of re-certification extensions to take your commitment to safety to the next level

Anchor Point Tagging

Have your anchor points individually identified and tagged. This increases clarification and accuracy of record keeping for your height safety system.

Roof Safety Plan

Get a visual record of your roof safety system with this marked up aerial photography plan showing all your installed anchor points, static lines ladders and more.

Retention Funds Validation Service

If you have just had a height safety or roof access system installed and you need to ensure it has been done in compliance with Australian standards and relevant legislation.

System Auditing

Have an in-depth site visit form the basis of a complete risk analysis of your dangerous work areas including those which are potentially hazardous and lacking in systems.

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System Health Checks

This checks all components of your safety system, including administrative controls, and assigns a compliance score. It also highlights areas in which rectification work should be undertaken.

Personal Protective Equipment Inspections

Ensure your personal protective equipment (PPE) in perfect working order by getting it inspected as part of your height safety recertification process.