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Roof anchor installation Melbourne and Victoria

Fall protection systems design and installed across Melbourne and regional Victoria.

The most common source of serious workplace injuries is falls from height. While any work undertaken at height is inherently dangerous, having a compliant working at heights, fall protection or roof access system in place can significantly reduce the likelihood of severe injury coming about as a result of a fall.

Height Safety Engineers have decades of experience in the design, fabrication and installation of a wide range of fall protection and worker safety systems. No two roofs are the same, so HSE’s experts work hard to ensure your system is designed to suit the unique characteristics and access needs for your roof.

We can design a fully compliant and cost-effective fall protection system for your roof. We service clients across Victoria in areas including:

  • Melbourne
  • Geelong
  • Dandenong
  • Gippsland
  • Ballarat

Discuss your building’s safety needs with our team of experts.

Height safety systems explained

Roof access systems

HSE Victoria provides advice and design solutions for the installation of safe roof access systems for buildings across the Melbourne CBD and beyond.

We can supply systems from simple ladder brackets through toe fixed ladders, stairs and more.

Working with the leading suppliers of safe access components, the team at HSE Victoria can solve even the trickiest access problem in a timely and compliant manner that won’t break the bank.

Work positioning systems

Once on the roof, team members and contractors ned to be protected against the risk of a fall at all times while undertaking their work.

Positioning systems help reduce the risks associated with a fall from height while working on roofs or other areas where the risk of a fall is present.

A system could compromise a simple anchor point layout or integrate a number of fall protection measures depending on the work likely to be undertaken and the layout of the roof.

Not just fall protection

Having a safe access, roof access or working at heights protection system on your roof can do more than protect workers from falls. Having easy and compliant access to your HVAC system cooling towers makes maintenance less stressful. Having HVAC systems properly maintained is critical in helping to prevent disease outbreaks.

Legionnaires’ Disease is one of the most common bacterial outbreaks that can occur when air-conditioning systems are not properly maintained. HVAC towers are often located in difficult to access places, and the nature of the towers themselves can result in it being difficult to maintain safe work practices.

Our designers have developed a range of cooling tower access solutions that can take into account the tower location and the HVAC tower themselves to provide easy, compliant and cost-effective access solutions, no matter your needs.

What if my building already has a system

Having a fall protection or safe access system permanently on your roof or in your building is a great step towards keeping people safe while working in areas where there is a risk of a fall. However, simply having a system is not enough.

Under Australian standards, your system is required to be inspected and recertified as compliant at least every 12 months. This ensures that all fixtures and fittings are in good working order and the structure itself has not been compromised, helping to keep the system ready to act in the event someone does fall.

HSE is accredited by NATA for compliance with ISO/IEC 17020 as a Type C Inspection Body. That means you can trust that our team has the skills, knowledge and experience to provide you with thorough, accurate and unbiased reporting on the state of your system.

HVAC tower access system 3D render
Rooftop access platform to assist in fall prevention.
Recertification inspector filling out a compliance plate following inspection.

Using systems safely

Height Safety Engineers are a provider of holistic solutions to workplace safety issues. For those needing to use height safety, roof access and fall protection systems, we offer a range of nationally-accredited training courses for those needing to work safely at heights.

We believe it is important that everyone undertaking building, construction, maintenance and repair work have the skills they need to protect themselves on the job. As a registered training organisation (RTO 91227) our Melbourne training centre offers courses that are recognised across Australia.

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Height safety systems explained