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Having safe access to perform maintenance and cleaning work on roof-top cooling towers can help keep your building’s air-conditioning functioning efficiently and improve safety.

Keeping your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) cooling tower clean and operating normally not only improves their efficiency, it can also reduce the risk of contamination from legionella bacteria, and help avoid an outbreak of legionnaire’s disease.

To assist building owners and site managers conduct this important maintenance regularly, Height Safety Engineers can design, install and certify an access platform and ladder system for your cooling towers.

Having safe access to all areas of your building’s cooling towers makes it easier to perform the regular maintenance and cleaning tasks on schedule and in a way that protects worker safety. It also means that work does not have to be compromised due to access constraints or an inability to access important system components.

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Height safety systems explained

Why you need to regularly clean your cooling towers

Keeping your cooling towers clean and operating at full efficiency is an important part of your building’s maintenance program. Having your building’s HVAC system working properly not only reduces operating costs on a daily basis, it also works to keep everyone who visits, works or lives in your building safe.

Legionnaire’s disease is a potentially fatal disease caused by the legionella bacteria. Legionella bacteria can take hold in an air-conditioning tower that is not regularly cleaned or properly maintained. Towers that are not cleaned regularly can have areas where dirt build up or stagnant water can lead to the growth of the bacteria which can make its way into the circulating air supply creating an infection hazard throughout a building.

Legionnaire’s disease can be fatal for some people so it is important we all work to make sure our built environments are kept as safe as possible at all times.

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What is involved in cooling tower access?

Building cooling tower safe access

Height Safety Engineers are the experts at designing, installing and certifying ladder access and maintenance platform systems for cooling towers. Our team have the skills and experience to design bespoke maintenance access solutions for your building no matter the size or location of the towers on your roof.

We have strong relationships with all leading suppliers of height safety equipment so we can always select the best components for your requirements.

Our re-certification team is NATA accredited, with decades of combined experience. They are fully qualified to help your system maintain compliance over its full working life.

Height safety systems explained