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Custom access systems for HVAC tower maintenance

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Safe work positioning and fall protection for those on roofs

Safe access systems no matter your roof shape or type

Falls from height remain one of the most common sources of workplace injury in Australia. In spite of this, the risks associated with working at heights are often downplayed, not completely understood and, in some cases, straight-up ignored. While ultimately it is safest for workers to simply not work at heights, there are many circumstances across a wide range of industries where that is not possible. In those situations a height safety or fall protection system may be required. This is where Height Safety Engineers can help.

Height Safety Engineers are the experts at keeping workers safe while working at heights. Through our detailed designs, and in-depth industry knowledge, we provide building owners and facility managers with peace of mind that their roof or worksite is setup to provide those needing to access it fully compliant fall protection. Our team can design and install a height safety or fall protection system to meet any working situation where the risk of a fall exists, with our best practice made perfect philosophy ensuring that nothing is missed.

Participant using a static line on a flat roof as part of a work safely at heights training course.

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Height safety systems explained

Roof access systems

Height Safety Engineers can provide advice about designs for and installation of a variety of roof access systems from simple ladder brackets to fixed ladders, stairs and more.

Working with the leading suppliers of height safety, roof access and fall protection system components, our team can design a system that meets your needs to matter what access challenges your building or site may present.

There are many ways to safely gain access to a roof including both temporary and fixed systems.

Working at heights

Gaining access to roofs and other areas where work is undertaken, is only half the story. Once access occurs, workers and others need to be protected from the risk of a fall while work is being carried out at heights.

HSE has the expertise to provide detailed designs and installation of a fully compliant and best practice working at heights fall protection system no matter your needs.

Whether you need a single anchor point or fully integrated system comprising a range of fall protection measures we have the experience to help your team, contractors or site visitors stay safe while working heights.

Cooling tower maintenance access platforms

Regular maintenance of heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems is critical in minimising the risk of a legionnaire’s disease outbreak occurring.

In order to provide easy and safe access to these often hard-to-reach towers, Height Safety Engineers has developed a range of easily customisable cooling tower access platforms.

By improving the access to these towers we are not only making maintenance technicians safer while performing their work, we are also keeping building occupants and visitors safer by making it easier to clean these critical pieces of building infrastructure.

Cooling tower access platforms assist in not only keeping workers safe, but also stopping the spread of disease.

Explore system components

Height safety and fall protections systems change depending on the circumstances and requirements of each individual building, access needs or working at heights scenario. Height Safety Engineers can draw on a large range of system components from leading manufacturers and suppliers to ensure your system is best practice, made perfect and suited specifically for your requirements.

Roof and Height Safety systems at a glance

What is a roof safety system?

Also called height safety systems, they are designed and installed in order to allow safe access to roofs or other areas where someone may be working at heights. Their purpose is to minimise the risks associated with slips, trips and falls while working in these areas.

A roof access or height safety system may involve fall arrest or fall restraint equipment, gangways or walkways, or the installation of anchor points on the roof or raised working area for a worker to secure themselves.

All roof safety systems should be made to, and in accordance with, Australian Standards and any relevant codes of practice.

Does everybody need a roof safety system?

Safety systems must be provided by anyone responsible for people working at heights on a roof or other raised area.

This could be a building owner or manager who requires workers access roofs for the maintenance of plant equipment (e.g. air-conditioning units) or to clean guttering.

According to the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011, Part 4.4(78), “risks to health and safety associated with a fall by a person from one level to another that is reasonably likely to cause injury to the person or any other person” are required to be properly managed by the person conducting a business or undertaking at a workplace.

What do I need in my height safety or roof access system?

There is no hard and fast solution to what you need to have installed on your building to form a compliant height or roof access system. Every building is different and the risks that may be associated with working at heights on that building will be varied.

Every height safety and roof access system sold by HSE is designed and built to manage the specific risks and circumstances of the area it will be used in.

Some installations may only require a simple ladder with a bracket, signage and an anchor point. Others may need engineered walkways, static lines, guardrails and any number of fall arrest, fall restraint or other components in order to be compliant.

Do I need training to use a safety system?

Every worker accessing a roof or working at heights should understand the legal workplace safety obligations they, their employer and the operators of the site have. This knowledge can be gained by undertaking training courses in construction safety awareness, working safely at heights.

HSE offers a wide range of training courses covering a variety of workplace safety topics. These training courses are available at our state-of-the-art training centres in Sydney, Melbourne and Dubbo or, by arrangement, can be conducted at your work or job site to specifically tailor course contents to your needs. We offer a wide range of nationally accredited and other non-accredited courses covering asbestos awareness, confined space, height safety and more.

Some of our popular courses are:

These courses can be booked online online in just minutes. If you require further information or wish to enquire about group bookings you can contact our expert training team on 1300 884 978.

Height safety systems explained