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RIIHAN301E Operate elevating work platform

Also includes EWPA yellow card

About this course

This unit leaves participants with the skills and knowledge required to operate an elevating work platform under 11 metres. The work required in this unit relates to the National Standard for High Risk Work but this unit does not provide the licence.

Boom-type elevating work platform means a telescoping device, hinged device, or articulated device, or any combination of these, used to support a platform on which personnel, equipment and materials may be elevated.

As a memeber of the Elevated Work Platform Association (EWPA) successful completion of this course also makes a participant eligible to receive the EWPA yellow card. The yellow card is an industry-recognised accreditation that recognises a person understands the relevent workplace safety regulations and laws related to EWP use. More information about the yellow card can be found on the EWPA website.

Duration: 1 Day (8 hours)

Student/Trainer Ratio: 8:1

Course Objectives and content

  • Planning of work
  • Conducting routine checks on an EWP
  • Set up of an EWP
  • Operation of an EWP
  • Safely shutting down and secure EWP
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RIIWHS204D Work Safely at Heights

Qualifications for successful participants

Statement of Attainment in:

RIIHAN301E – Operate elevating work platform

Additional course information

Prerequisites & Entry Requirements

There are no prerequisites for this course.
All students must be eligible to receive nationally recognised training within Australia and provide a valid Unique Student Identifier (USI) upon enrolment. 

Who should attend?

Any person who in their workplace may be required to operate an Elevated Work Platform(EWP) under 11m. Our course focuses on the operation of a boom-type EWP; however, we may also deliver this course using a scissor lift type EWP upon request.
It is recommended participants have year 10 level reading and writing capabilities.

Can overseas visitors complete this training course?

This will depend on the type of visa that you have.

For example restrictions apply to international visitors who hold a Student Visa. Any course undertaken by a Student Visa holder must be conducted by a provider who is registered on CRICOS. As Elbon Consulting Services Pty Ltd is not CRICOS approved we are unable to accept enrolments into any of our courses from any international visitor that holds a Student Visa.

International visitors who hold a Working Holiday Visa may be eligible to enrol into our courses once they arrive in Australia. This is important as some occupations in Australia will have legislative and/or licencing requirements relating to qualifications. International visitors will still be required to provide a valid USI (Unique Student Identifier) prior to enrolling into any Nationally Recognised Training. When registering for your USI number if you select Non-Australian Passport (with Australian Visa) as your form of ID, you will need to enter your Non-Australian passport number when creating your USI. The following details on the passport must match in order to verify in the USI registry system:

  • Family Name
  • Given Name(s)
  • Date of Birth
  • Passport Number
  • Country of Passport

Students from New Zealand will not be able to create a USI using their New Zealand passport until your passport has been registered with the Australian Department of Immigration. This will only happen when the student crosses the border into Australia. Once the passport is registered with the Department of Immigration it can be verified and the student will be able to create a USI using their New Zealand passport.

If you are an International Visitor, you will need to provide a copy of your Visa and/or Passport by emailing Your Visa details will be verified for eligibility to participate in accredited training within Australia. If you are ineligible, a full refund of fees paid will be provided.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of prior learning and/or credit transfer is not offered for this course as it is anticipated that all participants will be new entrants to this course of study.

Learner support

We may be able to provide you with learning support. If you think you may need assistance with reading and/or writing, please contact our office to discuss how we may be able to assist.

Course Fees

For more information and an obligation free quote please call our office on 1300 884 978. Group discounts may apply. Please also refer to the Payment Terms and Conditions available on our website and in the Student Handbook.

What do I bring?

All necessary equipment and learning materials will be provided. Light refreshments will be provided for training completed at our training facilities. Please wear comfortable clothing and enclosed footwear.

Where can I train?

Training can be conducted in one of our dedicated state-of-the-art training facilities or be conducted on your site.

RIIHAN301E Operate elevating work platform FAQs

Why should I choose Height Safety Engineers over another provider?

Good question! While there are many providers out there that can provide you with the standard Maintain Equipment for Activities training that you or your team needs. However not all competencies are created equal.

At HSE, we go beyond the basics.

There are a range of other PPE inspection courses out there at the moment offering the same certification, but in less time or without going into the best amount of detail. Ultimately, this means you or your team will end up with fewer skills.

It is critically important that we do not just have the appearance of safety, we should actually practice safety at all times. Sure, your team can learn how to give a lanyard a quick look over before use. But if that lanyard is not comprehensively inspected on a regular basis, issues and defects could go unnoticed. These would render the lanyard useless and inadequate to prevent or arrest a fall from height.

We give you real practice scenarios using real equipment.

You want to ensure your team is getting real experience looking for real problems with real pieces of PPE, not just pretending that a harness’s webbing is coming apart and getting a check mark for playing pretend.

Our training course offers students the ability to carry out real inspections on real PPE items to put their skills into real world use before they leave the classroom.

Our trainers are all highly qualified with years of industry experience.

Our instructors are the best in the industry. Together they bring over 100 years of combined experience into every class they teach.

We re-train all our instructors on a regular basis. This ensures their skills and knowledge of latest industry trends is ahead of everyone else. Our aim is to have a consistent approach to our courses, with ongoing improvement always front of mind. 

Do I really need to worry about this certification if my team does not use PPE regularly?

Under Australian law and standards, personal protective equipment (PPE) is required to be inspected by a competent person every six (6) months, regardless of how often it is actually used. This is on top of the inspection it is advised everyone should undertake immediately before and after use any PPE item.

Many PPE items also have a defined shelf-life. That is, once the prescribed period of time has elapsed after it was manufactured, the item should be discarded and replaced.

Being able to perform these tasks on schedule, and complete accurate inspection records will help make sure no one is caught out using out-of-service PPE, making worksites safer for everyone.

Basically, if you have PPE as part of your typical work equipment, you should complete SISXFAC001 Maintain Equipment for Activities training course.

What are some benefits of having my employees take this course?

Apart from saving time and money having a third party perform these important inspections, your team will have the skills and knowledge to be proactive in making sure the PPE they rely on is kept compliant and in full working order.

As a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU), sole trader or employee, you want to see a definite return on investment if you are paying to undertake this course. HSE can absolutely guarantee yourself or your team are going to know more about keeping PPE items in compliant and full working order when they leave the course than when they arrived. Safety skills and awareness are going to be higher than ever before.

Sure, they may already know a little bit about quickly checking their PPE prior to starting work. But they do not often know the full range of defects to look for or maintenance procedures to follow to make sure that PPE can be relied on to act appropriately if it is called upon in the event of a fall or other worksite accident.

Do I need to complete the training as well, or just my employees?

As a PCBU, you are responsible by law to ensure you keep your team safe at all times. If your employees are not sure about whether their PPE is compliant or not – how are you going to know they are in compliance with Australian law and standards?

If you cannot recognise faults or deterioration in the functionality of your PPE then, quite frankly, you are not able to fulfil your legal obligation of ensuring a safe place of work and/or safe systems of work are both being provided and properly used. 

Ready to enrol your team in our RIIHAN301E Operate elevating work platform course?

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